Leather Care


All our leather products are finished with an acrylic leather sealer and will therefore require very minimal care.  Typically a wipe with a damp rag is all that is required in cleaning.  In cases of sever dirt, a small amount of saddle soap can be used according to the label directions.  In general, you want to be careful not to saturate the leather with water.

After cleaning, a light coat of neutral shoe polish can be applied to restore the shine and help protect against moisture and dirt.


We condition all of our goods before we send them out to you.  Contrary to popular belief, you do not need to condition your leather items very often.  In fact, we recommend not conditioning our holsters and gun belts at all because doing so can cause more harm than good.  A yearly application of a light leather conditioner on all other goods can be applied if wanted, but it isn’t needed.

If you do decided to condition your items then please use a conditioner formulated for leather.  Do not use a cooking oil or other household oil.

If you have any questions about conditioning or leather care in general, please contact us.

Holster Break In

We mold our holsters for maximum retention, therefore your holster may require some breaking in.  Take the time to properly break in your holster before using it with a loaded firearm.  Do not simply put your new holster on your belt, insert your carry gun and walk out the door.  

While wearing your holster, ensure that your firearm is unloaded and place it in your new holster.  Practice drawing a few times.  If you find that the holster is too tight, place your firearm inside a plastic bag and then insert it into the holster.  Leave it in the holster for 30 seconds, then remove the firearm and take it out of the bag.  Reinsert the firearm into the holster and test the fit.  If the fit is still too tight, repeat the process with the bag as needed while increasing the time.

Do not apply any oils to your holster.  They could damage the acrylic finish and soften the leather so the retention is unacceptable.