Available in a variety of different configurations, our leather holsters are sure to meet your concealed carry needs regardless if you’re looking for OWB or IWB holsters. While OWB is generally considered by many to be more comfortable we also have IWB holsters available for those who need maximum concealability.

It doesn’t matter if you’re carrying a heavy 1911 or a lightweight Sig P938 we always recommend you pair a holster with a quality gun belt for maximum comfort and function.  Even the finest holster will be uncomfortable without a quality gun belt.

We are constantly looking to increase our gun list.  If for some reason you have a gun that we don’t currently have listed please contact us.  Many times we’re more than willing to add it.

Lead Time

1 – 2 Weeks

All our holsters are custom made after you place your order to your specifications. Therefore, your order will not ship immediately.